Job Training

Process Technologist Training Program

The FREE 10-week training program teaches hands-on operations, production, and maintenance techniques for in-demand modern manufacturing jobs.

The training will familiarize individuals in chemical processing and government regulations; safety and workplace responsibilities; physical properties and determinations; chemical calculations; handling chemicals; pressure and vacuum; sampling; fluid mechanics and plumbing; computer control and monitoring systems; standard operations procedures; basic electricity; process operations and soft skills.

The Process Technologists program encompasses 10 weeks of technical hands-on training which includes classroom and interpersonal skill development. Process technologists work in a large diversity of industries ranging from pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and beverages, plastics, materials testing, brewing/distilleries, etc. Process technicians work closely with engineers and other technicians with specialties such as process control, instrumentation, electronics, and techniques to adjust and optimize conditions for the production of current and innovative products. This training will cover an introduction to, bio-manufacturing, distillation/separation, basic electricity, OSHA 10 safety, chemical operations, materials sampling and analysis, and process skills that deal with many aspects of controlling processes and maintaining and caring for equipment.

Ideal candidate:

  • Rhode Island Resident
  • Unemployed or Underemployed
  • Must be 18 years old
  • High School Graduate or GED required
  • Interest in Advanced Manufacturing and/or Biotech Career Pathways
  • Interest in Technology, Computers, Machinery, Chemistry and Science
  • Ability to make measurements and perform basic math
  • Ability to commit to 10-weeks of training
  • Active Listening & Communication Skills; Observational Skills
  • Detail Oriented with Analytical and Critical Thinking Skills
  • Able to pass pre-employment Drug Test and Background Checks